🌱🔬 “Seeds 2 STEM: Where Science Meets Culture” – An engaging conversation with Tashara Parker and yours truly, Branden Williams, from Seeds 2 STEM.

🎥🤝 Let’s dive into the fusion of science and culture! #STEMEducation #InnovationMatters #WFAAInterviews

🌱🚀 Watch our interview with Demond Fernandez Parker from WFAA about the unfortunate incident where thieves stole our trailer and supplies from our after-school STEM program. Let’s shed light on this issue and come together to support our mission.

Exciting news! 🌟🌱 Join me, Branden Williams, in an enlightening conversation with Sean Robb from FOX4. We’re talking about Seeds 2 STEM’s recent achievement: receiving a $50K grant for social innovation. Let’s explore how this grant will fuel our mission to transform STEM education. 💡📚 #InnovationGrant #STEMSuccess #FOX4Interviews